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Why Alison Claire?

With her dedicated team, she continues to source new natural hypoallergenic ingredients.


Our ingredients. Products so pure you could eat them. Our rangeg of beauty products give you naturein a pot. Read more.

About Alison Claire

Alison Claire

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Meet Alison...

Yes Alison Claire is a real person. Alison Claire has been a natural healthcare practitioner for over 30 years and has specialist experience of working with people with skin sensitivities.

Since 1991 Alison has been producing her own high quality natural nutritional supplements under the Metabolics brand - launched because she was unhappy with the quality of supplements she could find to use in her practice.

Aware of growing concerns over mainstream hair and skincare products and the possibly harmful effects of some of the chemicals they contain, Alison once again decided to use her knowledge of natural alternatives to develop her own products. The result is Alison Claire So Remarkable; a fantastic range of body products that are simple, effective and safe.

Quality and purity are of paramount importance to Alison Claire and she’ll never settle for ‘good enough’. She and her dedicated team maintain an amazing attention to detail, resulting in a product range of outstanding quality. 

All of Alison Claire’s products use natural ingredients with proven efficacy. She maintains an ongoing programme of research into nature’s alternatives and continues to deliver excellence with a clear conscience.

Alison Claire Natural Beauty does not test any of its products on Animals, they are all vegan friendly and free from parabens, PEGs, and phenoxyethanol. All are manufactured under Alison’s watchful eye - prepared and blended by hand from the finest quality raw materials; along with Alison’s own passion for purity this ensures only the very best results.

Best of all, they are simply delicious and remarkably good!

Our ingredients

We're very excited about our new Alison Claire Body and Beauty range, but before we tell you about all the good, natural active ingredients that make it So Remarkable, first let's tell you what's NOT in it.

This range began as a response to the awareness of possible harmful effects of some chemicals found in mainstream hair and body products


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