With Valentine’s Day just around the corner finding that perfect gift for a loved one can be difficult. You may be slightly over whelmed by what is available, not only on the high street but also online.

If you’re buying for your wife, girlfriend or that special someone; buying a Valentine’s Day gift isn’t an easy task. You might be asking yourself these types of questions; “Do I play it safe with a box of chocolates and an extra large card, or do I risk it all and purchase some lingerie!”

Whatever you choose remember that your loved one will be asked what you bought them this year by their friends. Picture the scene, over a cup of coffee with a group of her friends discussing what they received for Valentine’s day, your loved one is asked “what did you get for Valentine’s Day?” And when she replies with “Chocolates... he knows I’m on diet!” things don’t sound too good.

Coming up with new ideas every year can be tricky however and it’s just too easy to play it safe with the same gifts such as flowers or chocolates year on year. However, this year, why not mix things up a little and treat your loved one to a beauty gift set?

Alison Claire Natural Beauty Gift Box

Valentine’s Day beauty gifts sets are not a new idea but are becoming more and more popular with natural beauty manufacturers. They are also usually a great way to save a few pounds as to buy the products individually would cost a lot more than buying them in a gift box.

Our Valentine’s Day beauty gift set not only looks beautiful, but it is also packed full of some wonderful natural beauty products from our range, they include;

* A Mango Body Butter which is one of our top sellers. Full to the brim of natural enriching, conditioning ingredients and contains organic mango and cocoa butters.

* A Hand Cream. An earthy and distinctive orange / patchouli hand cream to keep her hands smooth and protected against the harsh winter weather.

Valentine's Day Beauty Gifts ideas

* An Anti Aging day cream which is full of natural active ingredients and does 3 key things to the skin: moisturises, nurtures and protects it.

* A beautiful rose geranium body lotion.  Again, this product is full of natural ingredients making it a fantastic moisturiser for the body.

* The final product included in our Valentine’s Day beauty gift set is a peppermint and witch hazel foot cream. This natural foot cream is the ultimate item for soothing tired feet.

All of the products are then presented in a wonderful pink and white presentation box, making it a great Valentine’s Day beauty gift idea for you loved one.

Your Valentine will be able to use the products for the months to come and enjoy them.

Whatever you budget remember that the cost of the gift is not always what matters and a creative or sentimental gift can have a much larger impact.

Alison Claire