On the 19th of July 2012 The BBC program Panorama carried out an investigation into the truth about sports drinks. They went to great lengths to try and prove whether or not the drink manufactures bold claims about enhancing your body’s performance were true, and if there was any scientific evidence to back up their claims. 

Now I am sure a lot of you who are reading this could be thinking “What has this got to do with natural or organic beauty products?” Well In my opinion some of the claims that these sports drinks manufactures were making are not too far off what some of the less scrupulous beauty companies make regarding their products. Including chemicals in products to either enhance the skin, when really they don’t make any difference at all, or not telling you they could actually do more harm than good.

In the program they spoke to a number of experts who were actually very sceptical of any real benefit to athletes. They spoke to Graeme Obree an Olympic record holder who was convinced by simply replenishing the body with just water was by far the best way to regain energy quickly into the body, (along with jam sandwiches acting as a carbohydrate) and he has set countless world records.

Now, to their defence Lucozade (owned by Glaxo Smith Kline) in particular, produced a HUGE amount of scientific research conducted over a time period of over 40 years.  However, this research still raised some unanswered questions for the investigators. The same applied to the very popular drink ‘Powerade’ which didn’t have any real scientific substantiation to it's claims, particularly for their ‘diet’ energy drinks which appeared to be basically just water.

Drinking the right amount of water is key to staying hydrated and increasing performance. Staying hydrated the natural way is far better than reaching for a fizzy, chemical filled energy drink.  Drinking plenty of water also has countless benefits to the condition of your skin as well so it’s a win-win situation.

I won’t go into too much detail about the BBC Panorama program as you can watch it via the iPlayer but it is definitely worth a watch. I also apologise that this blog post is a little of topic but I felt it was important to share it with our blog readers. 

Alison Claire


Image From The BBC