Orange and Patchouli Hand Cream

I am delighted to announce that our Orange and Patchouli hand cream has won the Janey Lee Grace Platinum Awards!

I am so thrilled and so grateful to everyone who sent in their nominations for our Orange and Patchouli Hand Cream.  There are some wonderful products included on the list of winners so it must have been a really difficult decision for the judges to make.

It’s such a great feeling to be able to say that a product we’ve created is an award winner and this is the third award we’ve received this year. Our most popular product has won two of those awards and we hope to continue to perfect new and existing products into award winners too.

If you haven’t yet treated your hands to our delicious natural hand cream you are missing out and thank you again for everyone involved.

For a full list of all the winners of the Janey Lee Grace Platinum Awards please click here.

the Janey Lee Grace Platinum Awards

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