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One thing that most of us do on a weekly basis as part of our beauty routine is to wash our hair. Some people will wash their hair every day, some may only wash theirs once or twice a week, but whatever your routine, at some point you may have an itchy or flaky scalp.

Don’t fret, millions of people across the world right now are suffering from an itchy or flaky scalp and even though it can be a little bit embarrassing having the urge to scratch your head as often as possible, the solution could be as simple as switching your shampoo to one that is SLS free. Of course we do realise that this may not always be that simple, so if you are concerned please arrange to visit your GP.

If you have an itchy or flaky scalp, one the quickest remedies is to try to start washing your hair with a shampoo that is completely SLS-free.  SLS or “Sodium Lauryl Sulphate” is found in the majority of high street shampoos and is used as a foaming agent.  We’re all familiar with foaming agents; when you place a small amount of shampoo into your hands which then lathers up really nicely, that’s all down to the SLS.

SLS free shampoos are of course also available alongside the other major brands, but if your are currently suffering from an itchy or flaky scalp, spin the bottle over and take a quick glance down the list of ingredients. You may be surprised on closer inspection as to how many other nasty chemicals are in your shampoo such as parabens or even PEGS – which are used as engine degreasers!

So, why does my shampoo have SLS as an ingredient?

There are two fundamental reasons why your shampoo contains SLS - the first being that it is an incredibly cheap, synthetic ingredient which is included in many of the big name branded shampoos.  Since SLS is a very cheap ingredient it is used an awful lot in lower quality shampoos.  The foaming effect it gives can make a cheap shampoo feel more “premium”.  Supermarkets will often produce their own brand of shampoo at very low prices, and the main reason this is achievable is the fact that it is full of synthetic, cheap ingredients.

The second, as we mentioned earlier, is that foam created by the SLS on contact with water can help to remove oil and dirt from your hair.

Ok, but why should I use a SLS-free shampoo?

The key factor to remember is that SLS is a very powerful chemical, and though it does a fine job of removing oil and dirt 

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from the hair, it is also a major contributor to a flaky or an itchy head.

The simplest and best piece of advice we can give you is: If your current shampoo is causing irritation then stop using it.  Check the ingredients and if SLS is listed it could be causing the skin irritation.

SLS, particularly in shampoos that are used on a daily basis, has been proven to cause severe irritation in many clinical studies that have been carried out over the years.  If you are aware you have sensitive skin you will be aware of how sensitive your skin is, and choosing an SLS free shampoo is second nature. That said, if you do have sensitive skin we would always recommend you try a new shampoo on small areas first before applying completely.

If you have young children you must pay particular attention to the ingredients listed in their shampoo. Harsh chemicals will affect the skin of a young child somewhat greater than that of an adult as their skin is so much more fragile.

Large companies’ and manufactures are starting to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals they include in their products.  Johnson & Johnson took a huge leap forward recently which is great news and we are all hoping that some of the other major manufactures follow suit.  The sooner we see more SLS-free shampoos filling our high street stores the better.

Alison Claire SLS-free shampoo

Our range of shampoos are completely SLS-free and contain no PEGs, parabens or any other nasty chemicals that could cause skin irritation. If you do have any questions about any of our SLS free shampoos, then please feel free to either comment below or get in touch via our contact page.

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