Let’s face it guys, men need to look after themselves just as much as we do, and the signs of aging are just as cruel to men. So what can you do if you are a man getting into your 40’s and want to start looking after yourself a little bit?

You may be asking these sorts of questions:

“How can I reduce facial wrinkles and prevent any new ones appearing?”
“What can I do daily for great-looking skin?”

As we’ve mentioned before in previous blog posts, as we age our skin can become a lot drier than usual and it slowly
loses its elasticity. This means the skin doesn’t spring back completely around areas such as the mouth and under the eyes. To reduce skin dryness on your face, use lukewarm water when washing rather than really hot water because hotter water is more drying. Once you have washed your face with warm water apply a moisturiser as this will help keep your face in great condition.

For men, skin discolorations may also start to appear and those pesky wrinkles start showing up, especially when men hit the age of 40. One of the most frustrating signs of aging are the dreaded ‘panda eyes’. These are quite commonly found on men in their 40s and they are caused by blood vessels beneath the skin around the eyes enlarging. ‘Panda Eyes’ can be caused by your lifestyle such as lack of sleep and, unfortunately, stress.  A great tip to keep these factors at bay is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, not coffee or energy drinks just water, and of course getting an early night.

Though these are good tips to adhere to and will reduce the appearance of ‘Panda Eyes’ to a degree, it will not completely keep them at bay. So we would recommend using a good anti aging cream or moisturising daily under the eyes to help reduce the signs of panda eyes, but if they are really visible consult your doctor or be brave and apply a little concealer.


One really good skin care tip for men in their 40’s is to try and shave as often as possible, as shaving regularly can actually keep your skin in great condition. Studies have shown that when men shave, around a quarter of it is hair and the rest is skin cells, so you are actually giving your face a complete facial.

Skin Sensitivity

Remember, if you have sensitive skin like so many men do, be sure to find a daily routine that does not irritate your skin. There is nothing worse than starting a skin care routine that starts or causes skin irritation. If you do find that your skin does become irritated you might find that a fragrance-free product may stop the irritation.


A healthy diet can also work wonders in helping men to maintain healthy skin. If you are always eating greasy, fatty foods this may cause spots to appear on your face and make your skin more oily.

Sun Protection

The final tip is to apply a little bit of sun cream to your face on a daily basis. We have talked about the importance of using sun creams before, but using sun protection is the best way to stop your face from getting damaged by the sun’s harmful rays. The more sun your face is exposed to without sun protection the more sun spots and wrinkles you are likely to receive.

It is never too late to tackle the signs of aging and getting into a daily routine will keep you looking fresh faced for longer.

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