We’ve all been there. We take great care looking after our skin, keeping it hydrated, moisturised and wrinkle free, but it’s almost an ongoing battle keeping our pores from clogging up.

Clogged pores arise when dirt and grime enter the pores of the skin and either create “black heads” or in worse cases, spots.

They are common on or around the nose, forehead and the brow and with the average person touching their face 3-5 times a minute, your face does come into contact with quite a lot of dirt and grime on a daily basis, resulting in clogged pores.

Think of your pores like little tubes full with oil and cells that look dark and dirty within the pores themselves. Normally, this build up does remove itself naturally on its own. You can of course give your pores a little helping hand if they do look blocked by gently squeezing the area.

So how can you keep your skin looking radiant and get rid of those pesky clogged pores? Well, there are some simply yet effective ways of keeping them from clogging up and here’s how.

Keeping your face as clean as possible might be blinding obvious, but it’s the way in which you clean your face will help keep your pores from clogging up.

Once all the makeup, creams etc have been removed, place a warm hand towel onto your face for around 4-5 minutes. The warmth of the water will open up your pores making them easier to clean and remove all that dirt and grime.

After that, massage your favourite face scrub into your face for around another 4-5 minutes allowing the facial scrub to work on your skin and to flush out your pores removing any dirt and grime. I have also seen exfoliating facial sponges online which have been designed specifically for combating blocked pores.

Once you have applied your facial scrub, rinse your face with warm water and a soft flannel, dabbing your face dry with a soft towel to dry the skin, particularly around the eyes.

Repeat this simple yet effective process on a daily basis until you start to notice a difference in your skin condition. Once you feel that you have taken control and your pores are looking clear then reduce the skin care routine to 2-3 times a week.

If you are tempted to squeeze a blocked pore, which to be fair is a quick and easy way of unblocking a pore that is blocked and has turned into a noticeable spot or blackhead. Remember to use either your finger tips or two cotton wool buds and apply slight pressure to area. If you use your finger nails you are endanger of damaging the skin with your nail, and if apply to much pressure you may cause swelling to the area.

There are of course plenty of facial scrubs out there available online on the high street to fight clogged pores (we’re even working on our own as we speak.) Try and choose a natural facial scrub wherever possible as your body and its pores will react to synthetic or chemicals found within them, re-blocking the pores quickly.

One final note if you do find that your spots or blackheads just seem to be out of control, your diet can be a contributing factor to spots. Cutting out a particular fatty food or switching to a healthier alternative can help reduce spots dramatically. Of course, you should always seek professional advice as they may be able to guide you further.

How do you fight off balckheads and keep your spots at bay? Please let us know in the comments below. :)

Alison Claire