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With her dedicated team, she continues to source new natural hypoallergenic ingredients.


Our ingredients. Products so pure you could eat them. Our rangeg of beauty products give you naturein a pot. Read more.

Free from skin care award 2013 ShortlistedWe have some more great news to share with you all this week. This week we learned that our Mango Body Butter has been shortlisted in the Free From Skin Care Awards.

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Amarya Beauty BoxJust a quick blog post this week to say that we are delighted to announce that we’ve been featured in this month’s Amarya Beauty Box.

If you were lucky enough to receive an Amarya box this month, make sure you read right to the bottom of this post as we have a special offer for you.

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The wonderful guys over on treehugger.com brought this to my attention last week after the New York Times produced a piece on “Cosmetic Wars”.

If you haven’t seen this yet, you can read the original here.

Basically, next month the European Union will become “Cruelty Free” as it plans to ban the sale of cosmetic ingredients that have been tested on animals. But wait; please don’t jump around the room in celebration just yet.

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We’ve talked recently about what makes our natural beauty products unique and stand out from the competition, but today we are going to give you even more insight by informing you about the ingredients we do not use in any of our natural beauty products.

We have found this to be one of the most frequently asked questions and to us it’s one of the most important. Ingredients within cosmetics are a hot topic at the moment as a group in the US called EWG or the Environmental Working Group, are collecting thousands of signatures demanding Congress to pass a cosmetic reform to make sure that cosmetics are safe before they are released to the market, or included in products.

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Our ingredients

We're very excited about our new Alison Claire Body and Beauty range, but before we tell you about all the good, natural active ingredients that make it So Remarkable, first let's tell you what's NOT in it.

This range began as a response to the awareness of possible harmful effects of some chemicals found in mainstream hair and body products


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