Glossy BoxIf you are a Glossy Box subscriber you would have received our mango body butter in the November box this month. We are so thrilled to be included within Glossy Box and we really hope you're enjoying using one of the most popular products from our natural beauty range.

In this short blog post we wanted to give you the chance to tell us what you thought of it and to let you know exactly what goes into our mango body butter. At Alison Claire we always uses organic ingredients wherever possible and insist that all of our ingredients are free from animal testing, irritant or harmful ingredients. We are constantly refining all our products by researching new materials and listening to our customers to help us produce more luxury beauty products.

We want new customers who have just been introduced to our brand to say, Wow, that's a really great product! which is why your opinion is so important to us.

The more eagled eyed reader would have noticed that there is a survey form below and if you have a spare 2 minutes, we would love to hear your thoughts on the product you received from Glossy Box. This will help us make subtle changes to the product - or if you have any ideas for products you would like to see, please add them into the form below. We are constantly developing new products to add to our natural beauty range with some exciting new ones launching in early 2013, so stay tuned for that.

Any feedback you give us will be gratefully received as this will help us to move forward to become a recognisable brand in this very competitive market.

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Alison Claire