Now that the cold winter days are coming in they are also playing havoc on the condition of your hands, and if you have sensitive skin this time of year can really cause problems too your hands.

Our hands are almost constantly exposed to the elements and in contact with items that may dry or dehydrate them. So at this time of year taking care of your hands with a hand care routine is very important as most of us at some point suffer from chapped and cracked skin which can cause some unpleasantness.

There is however, a number of simple things you can do within your daily routine to help take that extra bit of care for your hands and not just solely relying on your favourite natural hand cream to hydrate your hands back to normal.

Simple Tips

Of course our first tip would be to make sure you are applying a natural hand cream at least three to four times a day. You will be able to tell and also feel when your hands need some hydration and when they do, place a small amount into your hands and apply more generously to areas of the hands that feel sore or dry. If you suffer from eczema you must be careful to choose a natural hand cream rather than one with any possible chemicals or ingredients that may irritate the skin.

Washing Your Hands

When you wash your hands try to avoid using soaps that may contain harmful chemicals such as SLS and in particular Triclosan which has been found to weaken muscle function (more on that coming soon). The safest bet is to choose an anti-bacteria hand wash which will work in perfect harmony with a natural hand cream to be sure you are not adding any nasty chemicals to your skin.

Once you have washed your hands make sure they are completely dry, particularly before applying any hand creams or lotions. If you hands are not completely dry this can be the quickest way to chapped hands or sore spots on the hands.

Washing up

If you wash up any dirty pots and pans make sure you wear rubber gloves. Rubber gloves will protect your hands from two things, the first is the temperature of the water and the second is the detergent (washing up liquid) used when washing up. Some of the more expensive washing up liquids claim to be kind on hands however some of the supermarket own brands of washing up liquid can absorb moisture from your skin very quickly, and contain some strong chemicals. Again, apply a natural hand cream once you have finished washing up to rehydrate your hands.

Out and about

This is where our hands feel it the most. If you spend most of your time in an air-conditioned or heated office try and continue to look after your hands. Typing on a computer and replying to emails is a great way of circulating blood to the hands, but every so often gently clench your fist and stretch out your fingers to further improve circulation and release tension.

Wearing gloves can also help protect your hands from elements and once you apply a natural hand cream to your hands, placing a pair of gloves over the top of them will help to lock in the goodness of the hand cream and shut out cold, wet or damp conditions.

Taking care of your hands in the winter months is really simple and applying some of the above tips alongside the use of a natural hand cream can work wonders! None of our hand creams contain any harmful chemicals and will be your best weapon against Jack Frost this winter.

Alison Claire