What defines ‘Luxury Hair Care’? Is it how expensive the product or product range is? Has a celebrity indorsed the product? Hmmm maybe but not always.

To us the term luxury hair care comes down to a few key factors and the first is the ingredients used within the product. If a product is produced with harsh chemicals that can’t be classed as a luxury product can it? If a hair care product contains ingredients sourced from high quality sources and are nearly all completely natural then we believe these are the types of products that fall into this category.

Sure, when hair care products contain these types of ingredients this will instantly push the retail price up because making them is slightly more expensive, but just because something is expensive doesn’t make it a luxury product either.

The second point is what the product actually does to your hair once it has been used a couple of times. How would you feel if you had spent £15 on a bottle of shampoo and it gave you dandruff or split ends? You’d be disappointed right? Of course you would be, but it happens all the time.  Hair care products that claim to be luxury hair care products which then leave you with split ends, a dry scalp or even dandruff is common. Of course this does depend on your skin type, but when the vast majority of the users make complaints or slate the products, it can’t just be down to a handful of people.

Luxury Hair Care Products

In summary a luxury hair product should do two things. The first is leave you hair feeling the best it has ever felt, leaving it in great condition, soft and smelling good.

The second is to be good enough to recommend to your friends or family members. If a hair product is the best you have ever used you will of course recommend it to your friends to try, this doesn’t necessarily make it a luxury product, but if you are willing to recommend it after receiving great results this should be one of feelings of using a luxury product.

At Alison Claire we firmly believe our hair care products fall into this category as a luxury hair care product. All of our products contain a whole host of high quality natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals which will help you to maintain your hair and keep it looking great.

The most popular hair care product at Alison Claire is our apricot shampoo which is full to the brim of wonderful ingredients including Aloe Vera, Grapefruit and Lime Peel. This shampoo is perfect for people looking for a natural hair product and is suitable for people who have sensitive skin. Our products have been developed alongside many years of experience working with people who have suffered with sensitive skin to get the best results from all our products.

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