We are delighted to announce that Alison Claire Natural Beauty has received a Janey Loves recommendation.

Janey Loves Recommendation

Some of the UK’s top named brands within the natural beauty sector have a recommendation from Janey and we are incredibly excited about being selected by Janey as one of them. Janey stakes her reputation on these accreditations and with good reason, so that is why only the very best natural, eco and organic products are selected.

The Janey Loves recommendation is our first recommendation and certainly won’t be the last in our quest to make as much noise as possible within the natural beauty sector. We are fully aware that the natural beauty sector is overcrowded and currently we are a small fish in a very large pond, but with the right connections, endorsements, accreditations and press coverage we hope to make our mark.

For those of you that are not aware of Janey Lee Grace, she is passionate about all things natural and has produced a number of bestselling books, writes for some of largest natural beauty magazines and has a slot on a BBC Radio 2 show with over 7 million listeners.

She has also received numerous awards as well as being involved in some of the largest natural beauty awards such as Skins Matter. Janey does an awful lot of work for the industry, which make us even more excited about working closely with Janey over the next year.

In the coming weeks we will be updating our page with some competitions that we have in the pipeline so please visit our page for giveaways, news and product reviews from Alison Claire Natural Beauty. 

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