If you suffer from eczema on your hands you are fully aware that it can be a daily nuisance and, in some cases, knock your confidence.

Cases of the painful skin condition eczema have risen more than 40 per cent in just four years according to a recent study carried out by a number of universities and the NHS, which is still increasing year on year. One explanation for this increase in eczema on the hands and other parts of the body is down to the fact that we are coming into contact with more harmful chemicals in everyday products.

What is Eczema?

Eczema has been studied for many years with a programme of ongoing research continuing around the world to try and find an exact cause. What is believed to date is that Eczema is caused by a genetic defect that results in an abnormality of the skin's barrier function. In other words, your skin is far more sensitive to chemicals in products such as hand soaps and the body cannot cope with the chemical, which then causes a reaction.

For some people their skin’s barrier functions are so high that they seem to be able to place any chemical they want on to their skin with little if any side effects.

If you suffer from Eczema on your hands you may have been asked if it’s contagious. You can promptly reply that Eczema is not contagious and it’s believed to be at least partially inherited. You may have discovered that a family member may have been affected in the past or still may continue to suffer from Eczema.

Other Theories

There are of course many theories of different types of triggers that may cause eczema outbreaks. These include environmental, irritants in products such as soaps and perfumes. Even certain types of food allergies and your lifestyle can be a factor of an Eczema outbreak.

Hand Creams for Eczema Suffers

Alison Claire Hand Creams

If you suffer from eczema on your hands I am sure you have researched into the types of chemicals to avoid placing on to your hands.

The biggest one to avoid is petroleum-based hand creams for eczema. That’s right, the same key ingredient that is derived from petrol and crude oil. If you suffer from eczema and you place a product onto your skin that contains petroleum the effects could take months to recover and get under control.   

Finding hand creams for Eczema that do not contain petroleum or alcohol as an ingredient can be tricky and if you are struggling then we would highly recommending exploring natural beauty hand creams and products. However, this still may not relieve your eczema as some individuals still have a slight reaction to some organic ingredients as well so take care when using a new hand cream for the first time.

So our advice is to always test a new hand cream on a small area first with a pea size amount and see what reaction if any appears after a few hours. This is the safest way to apply any new product for the first time on your skin, as you may have a reaction to a particular ingredient that you had not previously used.

At Alison Claire we have worked extensively with individuals who suffer from eczema and have had some amazing feedback about our hand creams and even our body butters. Both of these products contain no petroleum, parabens or alcohol which may cause inflamed reactions on your hands. We have been surprised by the number of people outreaching to us on twitter informing us that their Eczema has not been aggravated by our products which is great to hear.

If you suffer from eczema, and would like to try one of our natural hand creams, please get in touch and we will send you a sample of our product to allow you to see whether or not it is suitable for your skin. Please remember, our hand creams are NOT designed to treat Eczema, they are just made with ingredients designed not to aggravate it.

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