The winter weather is coming and whether we like it or not the winter plays havoc on our skin. Most women know the score and are fully aware of the preparation they have to take to keep their skin looking great in these cold winter months, but men need to take care of their skin too.

The part of the body that is exposed to the elements more than any other is your face. The cold winter breeze can dry out the skin on your face quickly.  Whilst the rest of your bodys skin is protected by your woolly gloves and your new Barbour coat you had for Christmas, the skin on your face is taking the brunt of it all.

Men whose job may require them to work outside are exposed to all types of weather conditions which can really take its toll. Cold temperatures will obviously reduce the skins overall temperature and as a result the skin produces less oil which is why your skin dries out. Areas around the nose and the brow are susceptible to flaky skin and using a good face cream will help reduce any signs of dryness and replace the oils required to moisturise your face.

When the sun does appear on those lovely cold, fresh mornings it pays to place a small amount of sun cream on your face as the sun’s rays can still be damaging, even it’s barely above freezing.  As mentioned above the cold will damage your skin on its own, and when the sun’s out it will dry out even faster.

Face creams for men in the winter should be applied on a daily basis keeping your face free from dry or sore areas.  Simply applying your face cream once or twice a day to the areas that have been exposed will significantly reduce the appearance of dry skin.

The winter months also bring with them the rain which seems to be relentless (particularly in the UK). So it’s important to dry your face as soon as possible with a towel, dabbing the towel around the eyes as the skin around the eyes is very thin and can be damaged easily. Once your face is dry replenish your skin with your face cream before your skin dries out.

If you work in an office you are not exempt from your skin drying out. Air conditioning units and heaters will dry your skin out just as fast as if you were outside, so keep a pot of your favourite face cream for men in the top draw and apply when necessary.

Top Winter Face Skin Care Tips

If you are still undecided what the right face cream for you might be then we have three final tips that may help you decide which face cream to buy.

Choose a natural face cream that is free from all the usual nasty chemicals such as Parabens so you know that you are only placing natural ingredients onto your skin.

You may wish to use a face cream that is fragrance free as some men don’t want to smell like a spring meadow or a citrus fruit. However, there are face creams available that may have a slight fragrance, nevertheless whatever you choose it’s important to pick one that isn’t too overpowering and you feel comfortable applying.

And finally try and include applying your face cream as part of your daily routine. If you apply it as soon as you exit the shower or after a bath, it will soon become second nature.

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