The Huffington post recently reported that men are now spending almost as much as women on beauty products like body butter. Men who work and live in London spend around £2,350 a year on beauty products, with men living in northern cities such as Manchester and Newcastle spending more of their hard earned cash on beauty products than ever before. 

This is great news, not only for the beauty industry but also the fact that men are starting to look after their skin and care about it. Women have been taking care of their skin for years using beauty products to maintain a high level of skin care, so why shouldn’t our husbands and boyfriends pamper themselves from time to time.

One of the most popular beauty products that men seem to love is body butter. Protective and hydrating to the skin, whilst being a lot thicker than a regular body lotion, body butters for men are the perfect way for them to look after their skin.

Body Butter For Men

Men who are purchasing body butters come from all walks of life, but what’s interesting is that men who work in the construction industry, who may be exposed to drier, dustier or damper conditions, tend to be the ones who are using body butters the most.

Finding the right type of body butter for men can be tricky as they tend not to want something that smells too feminine, so a mild fruit smelling one is just perfect.  If you would prefer there are unscented body butters for men available from some online and high street retailers.

 Natural body butters for men have the most benefits as they are packed full of natural, nutrient rich ingredients such as mango and vanilla. Of course we would always recommend choosing a natural body butter over a conventional one, due to some of the synthetic, often irritant, ingredients that can be found within some body butters.

Our most popular body butter for men is our beautiful mango body butter, which is perfect to help prevent drying and cracking of the skin along with helping to reduce the signs of aging.

With Christmas not too far away your husband or boyfriend might not be hoping for a pair of slippers or socks this year, instead he may be after a natural body butter for men or even a beauty set!

With so much choice on the high street and of course online, the best piece of advice we can give you is to try and see if you can test a small sample before purchasing a larger tub of body butter. If you would like to receive a small sample of our body butter then please do get in touch. 

Alison Claire