We are delighted to announce that we have just released our brand new selection of lip balms for dry lips.  We wanted to get our new natural lip balms perfect, which is why they have taken that little bit longer to produce, but we are really delighted with the results!

We have released 5 natural flavours of lip balms to help keep your lips soft all year round, these flavours include;

Lime Lip Balm

This summer, flavoured lip balm is perfect to help prevent your lips from drying out. This lip balm is made from shea butter, cocoa butter and is fragranced and flavoured with lime.  Our lime lip balm also contains some apricot oils as well as anti-microbial and antioxidant properties.

I can’t describe to you how delicious this lip balm smells, it really does smell good enough to eat.

Lime Lip Balm in front of some lime

Apricot Lip Balm

This lip balm has a really fresh flavour and simply melts on the lips once applied. This lip balm is an exotic concoction of anti microbial ingredients in the form of rosewood, lime, orange, vanilla, grapefruit and coconut.

A beautiful flavoured lip balm, which takes you back to those hot summer days and this particular lip balm has been compared to a fruit smoothie, beautiful!

Apricot lip balm from Alison Claire Natural Beauty

Peppermint Lip Balm

Our peppermint lip balm is the perfect moisturiser for your dry lips, with the two main ingredients cocoa butter and shea butter working wonderfully together to give your lips the ultimate pick me up.

As well as soothing and being the perfect lip balm for dry lips it also contains the antioxidants of grape seed oil and the natural soothing characteristics of peppermint oil.

One final core ingredient in our peppermint lip balm is carnauba wax, which has a strong natural resilience against the suns strong rays.

Our Peppermint Lip Balm will be available soon, so watch this space!

Mango Lip Balm

Since our mango body products have received such an amazing response it would be rude not to add a Mango Lip Balm to our range. Our mango lip balm is a wonderfully luxurious blend of cocoa, mango and shea butters for essential moisturisation. Our special blend of natural ingredients included within our mango lip balm will help to boost your lips own defences and to reduce drying of the lips.

Our Mango Lip Balm will be available soon, so watch this space!

Mango flavor lip balm from Alison Claire

Coconut Lip Balm

Our coconut lip balm contains some fantastic moisturising ingredients which will ease your sore and dried out lips. Core ingredients include cocoa butter which soothes and smoothes your lips along with zinc oxide, which has good UV protection qualities which will help defend your lips from the sun’s harmful rays.

Natural Coconut lip balm

We pride ourselves on producing products that smell good enough to eat and our 5 new lip balms are no exception.

We will be adding the other two lip balms to the website shorty, so stay tuned.

We hope you are tempted to try one of our natural lip balms today and if you have any questions about our new products please get in touch.

Alison Claire