In 2012 it shocks me to think that beauty products are still being tested on animals. It always hits home especially when you read some of the horror stories online about the levels some companies will go to, to make sure their beauty products are just right.

I am a huge animal lover, and even the thought of animal testing makes my stomach churn.

I am sure the overwhelming majority of beauty product users would never willingly use products that had been tested on animals. There are lots of online resources available to allow users to check individual products and companies to see whether or not they use animals to test their products on.  

One of our favourite sites includes which has three easy to follow guides covering cosmetics, toiletries and household products in a simple to use colour chart.  This website has been set up by a student of Greenwich University called Nova Curthoys who has a clear passion for the welfare of animals. It’s great to see young people taking an interest in animal welfare and building such fantastic online resources.

The second website is a which is the international website of which has a large searchable database of companies that do and do not test on animals. This database is an incredibly valuable resource for people who are concerned about the welfare of animals and want to find beauty products that are not tested on animals.

PETA in particular do use shock tactics to make the point hit home. However if you are an animal lover I would probably not recommend diving in too deep into their website, as some of the evidence and pictures are really shocking.

Beauty products that are not tested on animals

How to find beauty products that are not tested on animals?

This first thing to do is to see whether a small logo featuring a rabbit is visibly displayed on the product's label. We proudly display a ‘not tested on animals’ on the back of every single one of our beauty products, which you can see below:

None of our natural beauty products are tested on animals and are all made by hand in Devizes, Wiltshire using only the purest ingredients. 

The second thing to would be then to visit a website like to see whether or not a product range or a manufacturer is listed within that database. 

The final step would be to check whether a beauty product is vegetarian and vegan friendly. Just because a beauty product is not tested on animals doesn’t necessarily mean it does not contain animal ingredients.

Our entire range of beauty products are vegan friendly, with a member of our production team who is a strict vegan, we have developed a whole range of beauty products that is just perfect.

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