Your eyes are one of the first thing that we look at when we meet or are introduced to someone, so there is nothing worse than having that tired look or huge bags underneath your eyes. As we all get older the dreaded crow’s feet will appear around the eye and the look of being tired never seems to shift.

With that said, it really does not take too much effort to keep your eyes and your skin around your eyes looking younger for longer.

The skin under our eyes is incredibly thin and needs to be treated with a great deal of care. Harsh pressure placed around the eye area should be avoided, which I’ll go into in a minute.

Anti Ageing cream

So without further ado, these are some of my favourite anti ageing tips for eyes, which have either been tried out over the years or tips friends have shared with me. 

Choosing a good anti ageing cream can help reduce the signs of aging around the eyes dramatically and a natural anti aging cream packed full of natural ingredients will help to plump up the skin. However, the cream will need a little help from you as it has to be applied correctly around the eyes, to give your skin the best opportunity to recover and absorb some of that natural goodness.

Don’t simply rip open the packaging, put a bucket load onto your hand and smear it on until your face is pure brilliant white. Place a small blob about the size of a pea into your hand and then with your finger, dab the cream around the eyes paying particular attention to areas showing the early signs of crow’s feet. Once you’ve applied the desired amount gently place your finger and slide your finger from right to left, or left to right applying next to no pressure and make sure you don’t rub.

Because the skin is so thin around the eyes it doesn’t take much to damage it, so be gently and rubbing creams or lotions in can rupture the skin.

The same rules apply for drying around the eyes after a shower or a nice long bath, use a soft towel and dab the area until dry. Once dry, replenish the skin again with your anti ageing cream following the method above.


If you have puffy eyes which is caused by a build up lymphatic fluid placing a piece of chilled cucumber on each eye, can reduce the puffy eyes dramatically. You may have to do this two toor three times over a day or two. Once applied simply leave on until for around 15-20 minutes or until you feel the cucumber turning warm. This simple yet very effective anti aging tips for eyes is used in health spa’s up and down the country and can do wonders to your eys.

Eye Health Supplements

If you take nutritional supplements then I would also highly recommend a product called OptimEyes. This product is simply wonderful and actually maintains the overall health of the eye itself. Using this product along with a wonderful natural anti ageing cream will help keep the signs of ageing at bay. Of course, no one is completely immune from beating the signs of ageing and it will eventually creep up on all of us one day., However, in the meantime we can keep those pesky lines and wrinkles at bay from around our eyes by following some simple anti ageing tips for our eyes.

Alison Claire