With all this wonderful weather we've been fortunate to have this year I can’t remember the last time I spent so much time outside in the garden. It has been a wonderful heat wave and I for one have been trying to take full advantage of this wonderful weather. However, at the time of writing this we have a huge thunderstorm looming over our heads. Typical.

Anyway, the only down side to all this brilliant sunshine is taking care of your skin, not only protecting it from getting sunburnt but also taking care of it if you do get sun burnt. Due to obvious health reasons you want to avoid getting burnt, which I won’t go into too much depth now, but trust me it can cause issues later on in life if you’re not careful whilst being in the sun. If you’ve soaked up to much sun recently and have a slight sunburn on your body *cough*, there are some wonderfully natural sunburn treatments that you can apply to your skin that will soothe the skin, without the worry of placing any nasty chemicals onto it.

Natural sunburn treatments can also be incredibly cost effective as well where as some after sun products can cost anywhere from £5 to £10 and goodness only knows what is in them.


So, the first natural sunburn treatment remedy is yoghurt. Yoghurt acts as a wonderful cooling lotion on your skin. Try and get natural yoghurt that is unflavoured if possible then simply apply it to the burned area and leave on until the yogurt warms up then simply rinse off with cool water.


Cucumber is another fantastic natural sunburn treatment. You can either simply cut a few slices to cover the area which had been burned. This works wonderfully well if your face has been burned especially the cheeks or the forehead. If a large area of your body has been sunburned like your legs for instance, you could also peel a whole cucumber and mash it up into a paste and then apply to the area of the skin which is sore. Simply leave the cucumber on for around 30 minutes and rise off with cold water. When you consider you can pick up a cucumber for around 80p it’s certainly a wonderfully cheap and natural way of calming your sunburned skin.

Mango Body Butter

Porridge Oats

Porridge oats or oatmeal as it’s also called can also sooth your skin. Porridge oats have been known to help ease certain skin conditions when added to water and if you’re feeling brave is the perfect natural all over body soother. The Oats act as an anti-inflammatory which not only soothes the skin making it a perfect natural sunburn treatment but also exfoliates and absorbs excess oil from the skin.

If you’re feeling brave simply blend up a couple of hand full’s of oats and then add to cool bath water. The oats should then release an almost ‘milky’ liquid into the water which may help to soothe your skin. For a more precise application place a couple hand full’s of oats into an old pair of tights with cool water and leave on for about 10 to 20 minutes.

Whichever natural sunburn remedy you choose once you patted your skin dry a good idea is to then apply a natural body lotion or body butter to the area. All that natural goodness will be absorbed by the body it will also help to ease any pain and help your skin recover.

Do you have any natural ways of treating sunburn? If you do please add them to the comments box below and I will give them a go. :)


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